Eagles Flown Home
Alvin Davis

October 2016 19 at 2:48 pm
It is with a heavy heart that I share with you that my brother, Alvin E. Davis got his wings this morning. He passed quietly, just did not wake up this morning. His pain, his trials, his worries are no more. Thanks for all the prayers. They were not in vain. My brother continued to Minister to the nurses and doctors as late as yesterday. He had all his arrangements in order. He will be buried in VA plot in Oregon, with full military honours.
I called mom and dad just a few moments ago.

Please, if you know them, or not, lift them in prayer. Folks, help them. Family, help my parents make it through this. To those that were going to help me get to Oregon to see him, I will forever be thankful. I would have been going against Dr.s orders if I did. Guess God took care of that as well. I spoke with him yesterday, and we talked about our love for one another. Today, my brother is in the Happy Hunting Grounds, with our Great Spirit. Will post more as I can, just know that I believe God answered our prayers? It was time for Alvin to go Home. If you don't have the Peace that was in his heart, and fills mine, even though sad, Our prayers are you find that Peace, soon. 
God Bless
Alvin - Hoyt Davis and Claude